Dustbowl Revival

Back in 2013, L.A.newcomer and aspiring screenwriter Z. Lupetin grew dissatisfied with his career in advertising and decided to start a band. He put an ad on Craigslist. Dustbowl Revival was born, driven by a love of roots music, heartfelt Americana, and a raft of other influences as founding members Lupetin, Josh Heffernan, and Ulf Bjorlin have been joined by a multi-talented roster of musicians over the years. After getting audiences around the world up and dancing on tour, they released their self-titled 2017 album to wide appreciation and acclaim. Following a pandemic-induced hiatus, they’re back on the road in support of their latest, Is It You, Is It Me, with dynamic new lead vocalist Lashon Halley. Says Lupetin, “Music elevates us, lifts us up, makes us change our minds, takes us out of our comfort zones. If just one person can be moved by just one song, that’s enough.”