we do not have the resources to answer all of your questions…
here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

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Please help us keep the Park clean
please pack out with you what you bring in!

If you have noise complaints,
neighborhood comments or issues, DURING OUR EVENT,
please use the Hotline number 415-406-9014.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Time / Place / Schedule

  • When/where is it?

    When: Fri Oct 4 (Noon – 7pm), Sat Oct 5 (11am – 7pm), and Sun Oct 6, 2019 (11am – 7pm).
    Where: Hellman Hollow (formerly Speedway Meadows), Lindley & Marx meadows in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. Read below for a map.

  • Who is playing & what is the schedule?

    View confirmed artists here and in the app. Specific schedule will be announced Sep 12.

  • What time are we allowed in?

    9AM entry to the meadows.

  • Please Do / Please Don't


    Important things to know:

    • We have added fence lines. Enter only at these four locations. Click here for a map.
      1. 1) JFK Drive and Transverse Drive
      2. 2) Fulton Street and 30th Avenue
      3. 3) JFK Drive and 36th Avenue
      4. 4) South Polo Field
    • Do not bring coolers, they are no longer allowed. We have updated our concessions in anticipation of increased public need. Click here for a list of vendors and new offerings.
    • Prescribed medication, or infant care can be brought in a small soft side cooler.
    • Any bags/backpacks must be clear plastic, measuring less than 16”x16”x8”.
    • Entrances will not open until 9am.
    • There will be increased SFPD and Tactical Unit presence inside and outside the venue.
    • Blankets and short backed chairs are allowed, but will be subject to search. Those requiring taller chairs, be considerate of your neighbors. Collapsible wagons will be allowed.
    • Any restricted or oversized items will be turned away at all entry points.

    Be aware that the side paths that have been used for years will be closed off with fencing for the protection of everyone involved. People who arrive early to lay down blankets will have to wait until 9 am. This was a difficult but necessary decision. Please be courteous and patient with fellow music lovers as we make this significant change. As usual, fans are asked to respect the park, to clean up after themselves, and to take everything out that’s been brought in.

  • What about cameras and alcohol?

    Cameras are ok (no tripods or intrusive equipment please). There will also be vendors on-site selling food and non-alcoholic beverages. No alcohol will be for sale in the park, however, alcohol is allowed as per park rules: no hard alcohol or glass is allowed; beer and wine in non-glass containers ONLY. Any hard alcohol brought to the gathering will be confiscated by SFPD and violators may be subject to fine.

  • Download the HSB mobile app!

    We have an app available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android that can be downloaded at

  • HSB Etiquette!

    * You may bring blankets and low chairs. Blanket/ground cover size is limited to 8 x 10 feet due to space restrictions. Blankets and ground covers left unoccupied for more than an hour will be subject to removal.

    * It is ok to bring more than one bag, please be reasonable to keep lines moving at entries.

    * Please respect the people around you by keeping your talking volume reasonable so that everyone can hear the music.

    * Unauthorized sales, solicitation, and distribution are prohibited.

    * Please respect our neighbors in the Richmond and Sunset districts – don’t block driveways, don’t litter, don’t use front or backyards as bathrooms, etc. The happiness of our neighbors is VITAL to the continued success of HSB!

    * Please do not sell alcohol, drugs, or any sort of wares – only HSB-approved vendors will be allowed.

    * Only officially scheduled performers will be allowed, please no busking.

    * Please pack out anything you bring in to the park. Recycling and composting will be available – please make sure to use these services!

    * Please do not lock bikes to trees or fences. Valet and self bike parking will be available – see the bike parking map (above).

    * There will be a sweep of the park by waste management each evening (which means no saving spaces for the following day).

  • Will there be food available?

    Yes, click here for a list of Food & Beverage options that will be available on site that includes cuisines from around the country. Patrons are welcome to bring their own picnics as well. Alcohol will not be sold.

    Trash and recycling containers are located throughout our event site. Be a good neighbor and dispose of your trash!

  • Sign up for HSB Emergency Text Alerts!

    Sign up for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass emergency text alerts from AlertSF. Simply text HSBlue to 888-777. AlertSF will send alerts and instructions following a natural disaster, major police, fire, or health emergencies, or significant transportation disruptions to your mobile device. AlertSF is a service provided by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management. Visit to learn more.

  • What else do I need to know?

    * Aisles and walkways must be kept clear at all times.

    * Dress comfortable and remember to be prepared for sun or fog!

    * Please be aware of personal items. HSB cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.

  • Is smoking allowed?

    A City-wide ordinance (Health Code Section 1009.81) went into effect in 2005, prohibiting smoking in all public parks. Smoking is not allowed in any area in Golden Gate Park.

  • Dogs?

    Dogs are allowed as per park rules (on leash, etc.) Dogs should be comfortable with large crowds and loud music. Please clean up after your dogs!

  • Children?

    Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is family-friendly. Make sure you have the appropriate earplugs for very young children. There will be large crowds and loud music, so be prepared for that.

  • Can I bring my drone to take video / pictures?

    Sorry, Golden Gate Park is a No Drone Zone, as per official park rules & regulations.

  • Venue Info

  • Maps?
  • Restroom facilities?

    There will be port-a-potties on site.

  • Free Water

    Free water refills will be available between Banjo Stage & Arrow Meadow.

  • Medical Attention (Nearest Hospital)

    There will be an onsite medical team. The nearest hospital is Health Connection St Mary’s Hospital & Medical Center at 450 Stanyan St, San Francisco, CA – (415) 750-5785

  • Will compost and Recycling be available?

    Yes – HSB composts and recycles all waste generated over the weekend. We encourage you to help us move closer to being a Zero Waste event by disposing your items in the designated receptacles or pack out what you brought in!

  • Merchandise?

    We will be selling T-shirts and CDs of most artists. Merch booths will be located only at Arrow Meadow & at the Foggy Bottom Cafe.

  • Disabled accessibility?

    Yes, there will be a special section reserved at each stage. Disabled persons can be dropped off at JFK and Chain of Lakes. ADA parking has been moved to accommodate extra foot traffic at JFK and Transverse.  See this ADA map for details. Shuttle Service: Round-trip, wheelchair accessible shuttle service is provided beginning at 11:30AM on Friday and 10:30AM on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Lost & Found

    Lost and found is located at all three Info booths (see map)

  • Transportation

  • ATMs?

    ** NOTE CHANGE ** This year no ATMs will be provided on site. You can use cards or cash at all concession and merchandise stands.

  • Transportation around the park?

    This year we expect the park service to run their shuttle service. Here is a map.

  • Parking?

    If you park on the street, please respect the neighborhood and DO NOT block driveaways! Parking in the neighborhoods surrounding Golden Gate Park is EXTREMELY limited. We highly encourage taking public transport, ride-sharing, biking or walking instead of driving. It is very important that we all respect the neighbors around the park – do NOT block driveways, clean up after yourselves, and keep noise levels down. Remember that people live here and do not use yards as toilets or trash cans.

    Similar to last year, we expect paid parking to be available on a first come first serve basis at a few lots.  Last year those lots included:

    • George Washington High School – 600 32nd Ave. [enter at 30th Ave. between Geary & Anza] and at 750 Cabrillo [between Balboa and Cabrillo] More info »
    • Argonne 680 18th Ave. [enter at Cabrillo between 17th Ave. and 18th Ave.]
    • Lafayette (Sat & Sun ONLY) – 4545 Anza Street @ 36th Avenue [enter on 36th between Anza and Balboa]
    • Jefferson Elementary School (Sat & Sun ONLY) – 1725 Irving St. [Enter on 18th Ave. between Irving and Judah] More info »
    • Lawton Alternative School (Sat & Sun ONLY) – 1570 31st Ave. [Enter 30th Ave. between Kirkham and Lawton]

    Please note: the above lots are independently owned and operated – HSB cannot guarantee access to parking on the dates / times specified. 

  • Will bike parking be available?

    Yes, we have bike parking available – please note the new location of our limited bicycle valet service on this bike map.

  • Getting to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass by Public Transit?

    Muni serves the north side of Golden Gate Park with the 5 Fulton, 5R Fulton Rapid, 31 Balboa, 38 Geary and 38R Geary Rapid buses; the south side of the park is served by the N Judah train and the 7 Haight/Noriega bus; the 29 Sunset runs through the park on Crossover Drive.

    There will be extra Muni service on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Regular fares apply.

    Please check back closer to the event for information about which routes are running extra buses.

    Save time and avoid crowds by purchasing your fare before boarding Muni. MuniMobile is the easiest way buy your tickets for any Muni services instantly before you ride. Skip the lines and buy tickets ahead of time or on the go, then activate when you are ready to ride. Purchase the new $5 Day Pass on MuniMobile for unlimited rides. With MuniMobile, your phone is your fare. Customers may also use a preloaded Clipper card, or purchase tickets at Muni Metro Embarcadero station.

    Here are some additional resources: – website
    Caltrain – website
    BART – website
    Muni – website
    NextBus – to find out when the next bus is coming click here.

  • Taxi & Ride-Sharing Drop-off / Pickup Locations?

    Taxi stands will be located at:

    Fulton from 29th to 28th
    Fulton from 36th to 35th

    Ride-sharing drop-off and pick-up locations:

    Pickups and Drop Offs around Washington Highschool on both 30th Ave between Anza and Balboa and on Balboa between 30th and 31st

    Pickups on Irving between 25th and 27th Ave

    Please note: Due to the large amounts of traffic coming to and from the park, Ride-Sharing apps will only allow pin drops from the designated pick-up area, so you should make your way to the drop-off/pick-up location before calling for your ride.

  • Neighborhood Info

  • Hotels in the area?

    Please call the Chamber of Commerce, use a travel site such as Orbitz or, or contact the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau for assistance. Visitors can book rooms directly on or request assistance from the Visitor Information Center – 415-391-2000 (tollfree at 888-782-9673 (STAY-N-SF)).

  • Camping?

    Sorry, there is no camping allowed in Golden Gate Park. There is a campground in The Presidio – Rob Hill Campground: and an RV park by Candlestick park:

  • What streets are closed in the park?

    You can expect the following streets to be closed in the lead up to and during the event.

    JFK Dr. between Stowe Lake Circle and Chain of Lakes Dr.
    36th Ave. between Fulton and JFK Dr.
    30th Ave. between Fulton and JFK Dr.
    Transverse Dr. between Crossover Dr. (25th Ave.) and MLK Dr.
    Overlook Dr. between Transverse and Middle Drive West
    Middle Drive West between Transverse and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
    Metson Drive between Middle Drive West and MLK
    Parking area at Polo Fields at North Stables and on Metson drive (south side of Polo fields)

  • ...And all the rest

  • Can you give me more information about Golden Gate Park?
  • Is there a Live Webcast?

    Yes, we have plans to live stream selected performances. More details will be announced closer to the event.

  • Press inquiries?

    We do not issue press passes. Photography is fine, but no professional video shooting is allowed due to artist request.

    For press inquiries please contact Maria Ivey at

  • Can I sell food?

    HSB accepts applications for food vendors. Fill out this application form to apply.

    A list of confirmed vendors is available here.

  • I heard something about a School Program?

    We are continuing our efforts to bring music to the classrooms across the city, focused on middle schoolers.

    This year at HSB, we will integrate music from schools into our program. Stay tuned for further details.

  • I have more questions - who can I contact?

    If you have neighborhood comments or complaints during the festival, please contact our Community Hotline 415-406-9014.