Known for its renegade spirit and an ethos of love, peace, and happiness that permeates everything they do, Moonalice is an exuberant Bay Area 10-piece known for its unique brand of psychedelic soul and rock-tinged Americana. Led by vocalist Lester Chambers, co-founder of pioneering ’60s psychedelic soul group The Chambers Brothers, bassist Pete Sears, a founding member of Jefferson Starship, and guitarist Roger McNamee, who was an advisor to Grateful Dead and U2 and fights against entrenched power in the tech industry, Moonalice also features Barry Sless (lead guitar and pedal steel), Jason Crosby (keyboards), Grammy winner John Molo (drums), along with the next generation of legends including Lester’s son Dylan Chambers, and Erika, Rachel, and Chloe Tietjen of acclaimed Americana band the T Sisters. They recently released their version of the Chambers Brothers classic “Time Has Come Today.”