Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby’s singular vision, evocative lyrics, and aptitude for catchy, dense songwriting have placed him firmly among the ranks of modern icons like Bill Callahan, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, Will Oldham, and Jeff Tweedy. Each Morby record possesses its own unique persona, exploring intriguing themes and fertile terrain through shifting, focused textures and dexterous, dedicated skill. Morby left his native Kansas City early on to experience New York, where his adventures and musical outings as half of duo The Babies were the foundation of Harlem River, an affectionate tribute to the city he’d just left as he took up residence in Los Angeles in 2013. Most recently, his complex, studio-intensive Oh My God (2019) delved into religious themes, while 2020’s Sundowner marked a return to simple, gritty Americana.