Kevin & Dustin Welch

Kevin Welch’s poetic songs paint pictures of real people-people you know, people you’ve seen-so clearly that you quickly realize he’s a keen observer of the human experience. His songs have an almost film like quality in their vision and beauty. He’s had his songs cut by a bunch of famous people, charted many of them himself, and knocked Bruce Springsteen out of the #1 spot one time. Dustin Welch swears he dreamed his music, the whole sound, just as he was drifting off to sleep. The melody was strange and complex, a beautiful cacophony of disparate styles clashing together; Celtic and Appalachian folk music set to driving rock and dexterous jazz rhythms, with big harmonies sung in a gritty, raw, archaic sounding language. “It was profound,” he recalls, “it felt like horses running wild. I’d never heard anything like it.” Judging from the rave reviews and rabid fans, neither has anyone else.