The singing Closner sisters – Natalie, Allison, and Meegan – adopted their band name in 2014 on a trip to visit their grandfather in the town of Joseph, Oregon, and soon went from singing at backyard parties to gathering a devoted fanbase. With intimate storytelling and restless intensity, their songs careen, sprawl and often soar, ultimately spinning a narrative of life-changing transformation. Their latest album, Good Luck, Kid, showcases Meegan’s sharp melodic skills, Allison’s gift for uncovering the emotional heart of each track, and Natalie’s extraordinary songwriting instincts. In reflecting on the quiet metamorphosis chronicled within Good Luck, Kid, Joseph hope that the album might spark a similar evolution in listeners. As Meegan Closner says, “For me this record is about stepping out of being a victim, and I’d love for it to help people feel like they have the power to change their own lives too.”