Jaime Wyatt

If there’s one lesson to be gleaned from Neon Cross, the newest release from singer, songwriter and guitarist Jaime Wyatt, it’s that life, in all its inherent messiness, goes on. Her debut album, Felony Blues, chronicled her time battling drug addiction and serving almost a year in LA County Jail for robbing her heroin dealer, all before she’d turned 21. Produced by Shooter Jennings, Neon Cross is “a lot of turmoil and drama, but…a lot about rebirth, too,” says Wyatt. “My experience with recovery made me realize I lost years of my life being in the closet and living a lie and trying to be someone else. I just can’t do it anymore. And yeah, I’m scared there are people that like country music that aren’t gonna like that I’m gay. But ultimately I’m going to die if I can’t be who I am.”