Banjo Stage

Rooster Stage

Swan Stage

Arrow Stage

Porch Stage

Hardly Strictly Silent Disco Stage

  • Motion Potion (Prince’s Purple Reign)
  • Kimba Rose (Hot Tub Time Machine)
  • Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist (Larry Levan Set)
  • Davey D (The Nu Disco)
  • Steve Fabus (Paradise Garage Set)
  • DJ Corinne (ItaloDisco Set)
  • U9lift (Blues to Bluegrass)
  • Chuck Jones (Make it Funky)
  • Zack Darling (Classic Rock in Remix)
  • Malarkey (Electro Swing)
  • Gordo Cabeza (Muscle Shoals)
  • Motion Potion (History of Psychedelic Rock in Remix)
  • DJ Centipede of Mophono (JB's Do 7" Stax of Hi Volt Acid)
  • King Most (Around the World)
  • Deejay Theory (Caribbean Kings)
  • Motion Potion (New Orleans Blend)
  • Matt Haze (Hick Hop & Country Crunk)
  • DJ Alarm (Beastie Mania)
  • Tom Thump (Dancehall’s Golden Age)
  • DJ Phleck (Diana Wonder)
  • DJ Tobiwan (Cover Me)
  • Make it Funky Djs (Reggaetronica)

Towers of Gold Stage