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The Waterboys

With their cross-pollination of literate, soulful rock and roll and folk traditions of the British Isles, the Waterboys have tread a multitude of musical paths since singer/songwriter Mike Scott formed the group in London in the early- 80’s. From the grandiose “Big Music” of their early classic, This Is the Sea, on through the rich Celtic-inspired folk-rock of their 1988 highlight, Fisherman’s Blues, the mercurial Scotsman has made dramatic sea changes a regular occurrence, swapping lineups and chasing stylistic whims on an almost album-to-album basis . Across nearly four decades of work, Scott’s sonic and spiritual explorations have been shared by literally dozens of bandmembers, though only fiddler Steve Wickham – and to some extent early mainstay Antony Thistlethwaite – has maintained his post as a Waterboy for a significant portion of the band’s existence.

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