Info & FAQ

Since this is a FREE EVENT (NO TICKETS NEEDED), we do not have the resources to answer all of your questions… here is a list of the most frequently asked questions:

For info on volunteering, visit the volunteer page.
For general questions, email

Please help us keep the Park clean– please pack out with you what you bring in! If you have neighborhood comments or complaints, please use the Hotline number 415-406-9014.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Click on each question to view the answer.

  • Q: When/where is it?
  • Q: What is the schedule?
  • Q: Is there a mobile app?
  • Q: Camping?
  • Q: Parking?
  • Q: What streets are closed in the park?
  • Q: What are we allowed to bring?
  • Q: Will there be food available?
  • Q: Is smoking allowed?
  • Q: Dogs?
  • Q: Children?
  • Q: Hotels in area?
  • Q: Transportation around the park?
  • Q: Getting to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Concert by Public Transit?
  • Q: Taxi & Ride-Sharing Drop-off / Pickup Locations?
  • Q: Will bike parking be available?
  • Q: What time are we allowed in?
  • Q: Restroom facilities?
  • Q: Free Water
  • Q: Medical Attention (Nearest Hospital)
  • Q: Will compost and Recyling be available?
  • Q: Disabled accessibility?
  • Q: HSB Etiquette!
  • Q: Can I sell food?
  • Q: Merchandise?
  • Q: ATMs?
  • Q: Lost & Found
  • Q: Maps?
  • Q: Press inquiries?
  • Q: Can I bring my drone to take video / pictures?
  • Q: What else do I need to know?
  • Q: Can you give me more information about Golden Gate Park?
  • Q: I heard something about a School Program?
  • Q: I have more questions - who can I contact?