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The Barnburner Cloggers
Saturday, Oct. 2, 3:10 p.m.
Star Stage.
Reviewed by Mike Alexis

San Francisco Bay Area troupe the Barnburner Cloggers were a fun surprise and certainly kept warmer than the rest of us in the chilly afternoon with all the energy they exuded. With the Barnburner band - fiddle, guitar, banjo, and bass - huddled somewhat anonomously in the back stage right corner to make room for all the dancing, the troupe showed off its skill in a number of different routines.

Consisting of four men in crisp white shirts, black suspenders, and matching dark jeans, and four women in black sleeveless blouses and colorful pink skirts, they each took turns front and center to show off signature moves as their names were introduced. With five mics pointed at the floor, the audience could hear every single foot-stomp. When ringleader Evey's turn came up, she slipped and fell on her rear. Before anyone could react and without missing a beat, she bounced backwards a few times, hopped back up and did a perfect moonwalk.

Evey introduced two of the male cloggers as members of the Barbary Coast Cloggers right before their smoking duet. These two kicked up their in perfect synchronicity while smiling the entire time. Next was Evey's fast solo clog without musical accompaniment that was completely energized and showed that she, too, was having a blast. The set ended with an old-timey square dance in which all the members intertwined and twirled around each other in a dizzying end to this charming and upbeat performance.

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